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  当然,公司里有些人不忿气,必定要懦弱的上司把无聊人 settle 掉!今天就好像看 live show 一样。最好笑的是,上司被问得口哑哑的。有 power 的人,真不晓得他在怕什么!


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2012/06/25 15:50
Posting a doctor rating can be helpful to others if it's done appropriately. There are lots of physicians out there in the world who would rather their patients not spout off about their medical experiences over the internet. On the flip side,isabel marant, however, some docs think that patients have a right to spread the word, positive or negative. Giving one's opinion or description of a medical experience can be helpful to prospective patients if a few key ingredients make up the review. Here are some things to think about:
Fact not rant: It's important that individuals think it through as far as factual information goes before posting their opinion. If someone has had one minor unfortunate experience, such as a lengthy waiting room sit-in, or their normally kind doctor was snippy, they might not want to overreact and post a negative commentary. Let's face it; everyone has a bad day sometimes. If the MD tried their best in a difficult situation and an unsuccessful result still occurred, the patient should probably wait a bit before hitting the keyboard. Asking oneself what would have occurred if they'd gone to twenty other doctors will give a bit of perspective. If the same result would have happened with most MDs, it's not fair to publicly declare their practitioner's incompetence. Ranting isn't helpful; facts are
deandorgy Email
2012/06/24 15:28
     能有时间来思考一下死亡,是不是也是很有意义的事情呢!别像前天离世的一位大妈,突然地死去,亲人们不知道她银行卡的密码,也不知私人借贷,礼尚往来的情况,很多事情都没来得及交代啊…… 喜欢
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2012/06/16 09:03
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2012/06/16 01:51
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2012/06/16 00:44
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2012/06/16 00:03
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2012/06/15 03:27
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2012/06/12 23:42
吉林市龙潭区公安分局日前成功侦破此起特大职务侵占案。经审查,吉林市化肥厂业务员乔某,利用职务便利,以编造虚假合同为手段,用个人银行账号替换公司银行账号,polo ralph lauren,将其销售区域内20余名经销商的1200余万元货款占为己有。
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2012/06/11 07:48
But sports gets them up and moving, and that's what they need. They strengthen their bodies, become more flexible, and work their cardiovascular system.
But the benefits owed to sports is not just physical. A lot of character development is going on as well. Kids learn to set goals and work towards their achievement. They learn to develop healthy living habits and principles,allowing someone to slip through the bottom, shying away from unhealthy habits their peers pick up as they mature. Work ethics, discipline, and responsibility become a norm.
They also develop more confidence in themselves, due to both the healthy release of hormones from physical health and because they are achieving small goals in their lives. Some will take on their sport as a lifelong passion. And these days, with depression and, unfortunately, suicide a growing epidemic among our young, self esteem can make all the difference in the world.
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2012/06/06 03:24
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