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10th Sept 2009

  现在的雇主怎么这样的呢?要求高高,给钱少少,工作多多,还要嫌三嫌四! 有没有搞错?!

  Your English is not so good, you have grammar mistakes, cannot work as a customer service.

  Your technical skill is not so strong, you do not have enough experience.
    -->Fresh Graduate。你不聘请我,我怎么可能有 experience 呢?

  Do you have an UK slang or US slang?
     --> 我不知道现在讲英文要有 slang 的。shuai

  For fresh graduate, we normally pay RM1800 per month, no OT allowance, because you are commission based. No hand-phone and petrol allowance, but you have to drive clients to somewhere else. You need to give full commitment, full responsibility, creative and smart in work. Anything happen, you have to bear by own. We have team work here, but you will not enjoy the extra commission or extra pay on that.
    --> 这样都可以?!

  Hi, xxx! i saw your resume.... [after few minutes and talked much] you should not apply job now since you only can start work in next year!
    --> I'm sorry, i had never apply any job, you called me and ask me to get the job... sweat
  有一个 interviewer 问:How confident are you?
    --> i can make everyone trust me and listen to me. [since you had never give me a range. Example: 1-10 or 1%-100%, i only can say it by my way.]

  Do you wanna go to work? Do you wanna work for this company? I can let you go earlier. I can arrange interview for you.
    --> okok, i want! i want!
  Err... This one have to speak good English and the customers are from US, the team-lead is an US guy. From technical, i not sure you can pass or not.
    -->明知道我不能通过还一直问我要不要?! shuai 真伤人心。

  你知不知道你不应该犯这些错误? 例如这几句grammar mistakes... *&^+!@#$%?#<&%$_)(*%$%*^
    -->sweat 不要叫我上英文课,我这辈子最讨厌上英文课了!

I'm very upset, i died today. My English is poor, I'm not mature enough, I'm not creative, I have no car. What can I do? This is me. If you do not hire me because of these, then please do not critic so much!

Resurrection is away from me...
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